Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gosh, why is it

when i get to this time of year
that i miss this so

we are thinking seriously
of buying a small home on
King Island.
After living most of our lives not far from the water
a few years right on it...
we have come to realise it is where we need to be
for some of the year...
For my few international friends King Is. is a small
island in the Bass Straight
between the southern mainland tip and Tasmania.
Beautiful, rural, wild and property along the coastline
to die for......
population of 1700
fresh and wild seafood waiting to hop on your line..
not to mention the famous Kind Is. dairy
on the coastline...preferably
how many sleeps to go

i seem to be the only one with
Christmas spirit in my home right now
its interesting how the dynamics change
as we grow
no little children around much anymore
with family living so far apart
but i have decked the halls
beautiful scented candles burn
not too much baking happening here
yet....but planned
i am enjoying the lovely cool mornings
we still have here in the subtropical north
enjoy it while it lasts...
and still no camera
do you think i could fit a rush job in..sigh
work today
on Sunday
is that not a sin...
happy day my friends x
... this is my 99th post, i will come back within the next week with a giveaway
please tell your friends
it will be fun to share with you all
some exciting new product i have been making

Friday, December 3, 2010

My swap

is on its way
i wish i was going with it
to be closer to my crew over yonder
i hope the family it is going to love
my choice
my craft
my heart and handmade
for them

i was excited to join in this swap
organised by rae and jen
thank you

as i was sitting in the office quite early the other
morning chatting to my grandson
via you do...these days
when you have family that live light years away....:(((((
i spun around on my chair
to witness a very common
site here
lots of bunnies
enjoying our clover

off to enjoy this
simply divine

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rain rain rain

.....please go away
i neeeeeeeeed sunshine
these gorgeous
need sunshine.....

this is an old pic
they are actually looking more mature now
lots of buds
some of which the cockatoos
have removed...sigh
remember the camera issues...another sigh
i have just visited the roses for a lift of the old
...the scent is just soooo...
we have had so much rain this year
and from here on in we head into a wet summer
or so the long range weather is forcast
have you got sunshine at your house
can i come over...
hugs to my gorgeous family and friends x

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sometimes i feel guilty

for falling in love
with yet another craft
the truth is though
that i have ALWAYS wanted my own
eclectic mix
of chairs
i find this so inspiring
after wandering the stores searching
for just the right chairs
i decided long ago
it just was not important
and would settle for the odd one here and there
this cover may just work on some
old ones i have
pop on over to Yvonne's to
see just what this creative lady is up to...x

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gorgeous fabric

pop on over to Corrie's blog
to see...
good luck...

Now it's time

to get serious
about MY quilt
and what better way to start with this
wonderful giveaway....

from Accuquilt
pop on over to Mandy's blog to see for yourself
good luck.....
now all we need is a few extra days in the week huh?
sweet day x

Sunday, November 14, 2010


some very cute, very sweet craft
this gorgeous crafter is sharing with us

hop over to suzanne's blog and see for yourself
just how cute this is
as for me
i have finally taught myself to crochet
the basics of course
have been busy this weekend
in between mowing breaks
crocheting up
lots of gorgeous
and of course the camera
is still in need of repair
which i have promised myself to place at the top of the list
if anyone else is wanting to make beautiful
crochet stars
you can find the pattern here
at Yvonne's gorgeous blog i frequent
from time to time
have a great week my sweet daughter
and my bloggy friends

Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you have time

to embroider...
the way nan used to...would be nice

i have been thinking a lot lately about resurfacing
my hoop
and giving it another go
just need to find the right pattern
there certainly is some stunning work out there
for the looking
these cards would look beautiful hand stitched
like they used to be
sweet day x

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Party time

something i had not consciously considered
but worked a treat

post dating
my birthday celebrations
as it is often cold and windy

this day was

beautiful family and friends
this little guy was
a star on the day

and this lady too

the whole mottely crew
well most
hee hee

family and a very welcome announcement
i am going to be a nonna again
our son and his wife are having their first

dont you just love days like this
lunch on the lawn
at home
sunshine, good food, love and giggles....aka champagne
more more them all.
sweet day :) x

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stamp to the beat of your heart

gorgeous generous giveaway

check it out
Kellie Winnell
fingers crossed
:) x

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sorry its been so long

but so much has happened
i felted

flowers for a friends birthday

Lavender & Lime Chiffon Cake
with lime curd...for a very big day
this Sunday

not quite how it looked in the recipe
it will do though
tasted divine

thought i would make less with icing sugar
pays to stick to the recipe

where our beautiful doggies bathe
a few shots of my garden/block

a very successful broccoli crop this year
no white moth
lemongrass....before its haircut
love lemongrass in the garden and how quickly
it bounces back after a trim

learned NOT to recycle office waste in garden

also learned i need to use my space more wisely
sweet pea coming along nicely
loooovve the sweet scent of sweet pea in my home

i am a natural with coriander
it follows me wherever i go
the new local cafe have been trading for free coffee
yum....lucky me

gracefully next to the fencing timber
Irises grown for the first time
from a friend
some of these have grown to over a metre
then along come the cockatoos...grrr

and then.... at the end of a hard days work
she bakes bread...
not sure why my sweet Pierre is with arms folded in the b/ground there
maybe waiting permission....giggle
have had a play with paper too
next post
what fun it is being unemployed (weeeeelllll...away from the home that is)

sweet day my friends and family xxx :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freebie time

Yeah i know...

long time....
got you interested though?
pop on over here
aren't those owls the cutest
fun day xxx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


as it stands
from my garden
i am ever so grateful for...and to have
sweet scented roses

a dear friend lost her mother this week
a card to soothe her soul
thinking of her

a niece of mine is about to give birth
knowing its a girl
i wish dear little scarlet rose a safe and dreamy delivery

a few months ago another friend of mine lost her mother
and another gave birth to a girl the same day
its a very interesting life cycle we have going on here sometimes
it seems

you may remember a little while ago me boasting about these scones
Stephanie from Providence Handmade will gladly share this
ever so easy peasy recipe with you too
thanks Steph they were a treat
or so i believe
i am being good !!

last ...but never least
the same roses about 5 days later
i have learned to pick them early morning and just out of bud
some of these roses give me a week in a vase
without changing water
now there's a gift
stay well my dear friends
thanks for popping by....sweet days :)x

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


an old rowing partner

rang me
it happens from time to time

the rest is history
i had this post sitting in limbo for the past two days
camera not obeying
new updates installed
and not enough time and/or motivation to sit and sort out the varyances
found a very delicious scone recipe from Stephanie at Providence Handmade
just had to make it
but not eat it...(these hips need reduction) LOL
was told by the critiques (piranhas of the home)
they were 'OK'
i take it that means pretty damm good
considering it took all of 10 minutes to devour
sorry Stephanie
no pics as promised
once i have the time to play with the canon
that does not want to play...or perhaps its my computer
or the handler behind them both
.....sorry guys...boring post
thanks for popping by
happy weekend :)x
dreaming about my quilt

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Said

i wouldn't
but of course i am going to

a sample pot awaits
it must be the integrity in me
that says to leave this alone
but i have such a strong aversion to dark wood it seems
USA white
it will soon be
it is going to be some job getting all the little metal plates off though
first i must have the missing drawers made
in the quiet hours

i continue with a little stitching
braid stitch
i think my thread is a little too thick for the stitch
i will persevere though
i want to add lots of patches of
to a quilt i have in mind
day off today
although i need to meet with a client for an hour or so
and more rain expected here
i am surrounded by
beautiful wet green pastures
happy day :)x


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