Friday, December 3, 2010

My swap

is on its way
i wish i was going with it
to be closer to my crew over yonder
i hope the family it is going to love
my choice
my craft
my heart and handmade
for them

i was excited to join in this swap
organised by rae and jen
thank you

as i was sitting in the office quite early the other
morning chatting to my grandson
via you do...these days
when you have family that live light years away....:(((((
i spun around on my chair
to witness a very common
site here
lots of bunnies
enjoying our clover

off to enjoy this
simply divine


Donna said...

I know the lucky family will love your heart and handmade gift! Everything you do is always beautiful. Cute bunnies... see you next weekend *yay* x

Ceci said...

It looks beautiful and so thoughtfully made...I am certain they will love it Deb. xx

goldenbird said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Debra. It has been a long time! How wonderful to look out your window and see all of those cute bunnies nibbling the clover. I usually see squirrels and chickadees around here. Your swap gifts are so sweet.

kristin said...

My girls were so excited to see pictures of the package! Avery keeps making guesses as to what is in it. My favorite guess is a REAL fairy.


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