Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gosh, why is it

when i get to this time of year
that i miss this so

we are thinking seriously
of buying a small home on
King Island.
After living most of our lives not far from the water
a few years right on it...
we have come to realise it is where we need to be
for some of the year...
For my few international friends King Is. is a small
island in the Bass Straight
between the southern mainland tip and Tasmania.
Beautiful, rural, wild and property along the coastline
to die for......
population of 1700
fresh and wild seafood waiting to hop on your line..
not to mention the famous Kind Is. dairy
on the coastline...preferably
how many sleeps to go

i seem to be the only one with
Christmas spirit in my home right now
its interesting how the dynamics change
as we grow
no little children around much anymore
with family living so far apart
but i have decked the halls
beautiful scented candles burn
not too much baking happening here
yet....but planned
i am enjoying the lovely cool mornings
we still have here in the subtropical north
enjoy it while it lasts...
and still no camera
do you think i could fit a rush job in..sigh
work today
on Sunday
is that not a sin...
happy day my friends x
... this is my 99th post, i will come back within the next week with a giveaway
please tell your friends
it will be fun to share with you all
some exciting new product i have been making

Friday, December 3, 2010

My swap

is on its way
i wish i was going with it
to be closer to my crew over yonder
i hope the family it is going to love
my choice
my craft
my heart and handmade
for them

i was excited to join in this swap
organised by rae and jen
thank you

as i was sitting in the office quite early the other
morning chatting to my grandson
via you do...these days
when you have family that live light years away....:(((((
i spun around on my chair
to witness a very common
site here
lots of bunnies
enjoying our clover

off to enjoy this
simply divine


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