Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creatively Chaotic

Why oh why can i not stay tidy...sigh
If you knew me i am a rather obssessive tidier of things in general.
Things in each room of my home have thier place.
Those things in each room  get put away as they are used and finished with.
Not so it seems in this room.

And i have left out a picture of the floor which is where i am currently
 trying to sort some of my stash which is piled high in a rather large basket,
which i simply cannot lift.
If you look through the window  you can see a glimpse of the cloud we are sitting
heavily in these past few days here in the mountains.
A lot of people around me hate this weather. Personally i love it, and one of the reasons i would
dearly miss living here. It does not continue for long at all.

A little paper piecing project blog hop i am happy to be a part of.
My turn comes up in early August.
This one is a lot of fun

and a challenge for me.
I decided in the new year that i was going to work on building my skills.
Just a little glimpse of whats going on.


I am hopping on over to others today to see their creative chaos.
Thanks for popping by x
Enjoy your sew happy times.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another finish

Modern Sampler Bee finish photos and an explanation 
why there are two different blocks here.
In eager anticipation i started my blocks with a type of off centre square
which i had been wanting to try for some time
only to discover half way through that i thought this block was a little lame
and that i should do something a little more creative that my recipients would enjoy.
(Lesson learned)
So...i embarked  on the ever famous Granny squares.
This did not go how i wanted it to go either.
You see the grannys, once cut to size can very much distort as they are cut on the bias
I got to about number 8, as Cat was looking for someone to do both groups,
when i decided to rethink the off centre squares, which i might add are not 
really off centre squares at all....but more just a shabby or scrappy block

 (this really was making me feel a little sick by now as i had dreams of making my own 
granny quilt one day)
It wasnt until a couple of days ago and some serious searching i discovered this 
tutorial  over at traceyjay quilts which explains the process of setting the corners.
(for those of you who have not attempted but have thought of sewing a granny quilt)
so....back to the off centre/shabby blocks ....

This second photo of blocks are all in the envelopes to be mailed today.
I am thinking amongst others made they will go nicely.
 I hope all my partners like them and appreciate my anguish.
At first i was concerned as to what i was going to do with all these orphan blocks.
It did not take me long to realise i could easily throw them into a small quilt for a charity.
Our local respite centre has kindly offered to raffle this.

This granny is for another charity 
This lovely granny had to be unpicked as i totally forgot a row before the pink border.
Is my mind really on the job here....or on the job....i think i left my brain at the office 
this past few days. Ever unpicked a row from a granny ....then tried to add another ...its fun
let me tell you!

and simply because i love these beautiful birds
another recent shot o f them snuggling in my rafters on the deck.
They are here most days now. I do hope they have babies again this spring.
They are so trusting with us, and allow us to get very close to them.
Thank you for your patience girls.
I do hope your blocks meet nicely with  your others.
I will post about all of the ones i have received once they are all here.
Thank you for stopping by and have a sew good week...x


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