Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing along

again today with more of finishing

applying her face and hair
then meeting with the local arty types
off to Babylon today to purchase grout
hmmm...i'm thinking a skin colour might be nice
this is a pedestal table top
for more creative fun pop over to Kirsty's
happy day:)x

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silly Girl

thinking i could maintain two blogs....
5 acres...300 approx avocado trees
soon to be 6 weekend getaway cottages
i will be recording the transformation of our property from here forward

a shame this lovely patch of nasturtiums had to go
beautiful really when planted en masse
will try to replicate this
stumps in the background
grandson so fondly named the tree cemetery

looking up towards the home from the northern aspect
many palms have gone
some of which we see now
why do people plant soooo many things so close
we have worked tirelessly
(well some of us not so)
the thing that kept me going was the fact that
this job would be done 'once'
i have lost a few of my roses
which have traveled with me for some time now
unfortunately they said NO to one more transplant
will have to start again there

old frangipani's
sick and tired
this spot destined for 'Beautiful Things'

oh so wish these little people were living just a little closer
to so obligingly help
in our endeavours

love you guys
dont forget nonna and pop
come visit anytime
ok...tissue time
x :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots of Creative Space this week

probably too much in fact
not sure where to go next
or is it first..
so constructive criticism please?

does the shoe fit...
filled with lavender but missing something
this is wool felted onto a snippet of silk scarf
for a friend
dear dolly ...just missing arms

oops and another wing...
oh and yeah i know.... the nose needs re-aligning
ready when i am
the first ever quilt for a xmas swap...brave lady i say

a dishcloth on the go...

of course
then ...
this totally abhorrent window
all measured up
pattern ready to go
soon to be revealed
well we hope soon...

by me...
before i return to work in a couple of weeks time
any helpers ?
check out Kirsty's for more crazy workers
and have a beautiful fun creative day :)x

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gorgeous Giveaway

Take a peek at this.

Love this stationery, beautiful tags etc...
pop on over to oh, hello friend for your chance to win some beauty.

Happy weekend my friends. :)x

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a mess

One would think for all my tidying and culling

i would create a little paradise
not be i'm afraid

what you are viewing is my attic
oh i long to be free from here
great space...just not terribly condusive to free creative play
notice my sewing machines are not even visible in all that mess
but soon

just to the right of the Poton tree will be my studio
should get out and take more pics as these stumps here have since gone
progress and patience
for real creativity hop over here
happy day :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Swap partners

Not a lot of interest...must be the time of year....
things are starting to heat up for if its not hot
however i will contact all swappees with details...

visited a friend just briefly today and caught this little fellow
on the pontoon where i used to live
such gorgeous gracious birds
haaaaaappy monday x

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Being resourceful

making my own bias

from this beautiful linen
for a fun apron challenge project over here
almost done :)

this little beauty of my three gorgeous huggable adorable
'miss them lots' grandchildren
sebastian, yossarian and juniper
love you babies xxx
oh the brown on sebastian's hand is just in the photo
happy sunday :)x
dont forget my swap

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Creative Space

is finishing

things off
soon to be shipped to my gorgeous little grand daughter in Texas

and a little dolly for her
hoping she looks a little more cuddle friendly when completed
for more peeks pop over here
and for a little more creative fun check out my previous post
come on know you want to:)
happy dayx

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling like a creative challenge?

I thought i would host a fun swap...fabric, fibre related...interested?

Sign ups are open to all, however i will match international with i/national..makes it easier.

I will leave signups open for a few days to Mon 12 Oct. I will partner you up then post the list of partners on Wed. 14th Oct. when you will need to pop in and see who your partner is. :) Then you have until Wed. 28th Oct . to pop over and say hi to your partner, swap addy's etc and post out. Thats 2 weeks. Plenty of time, right? :) ...

So the fun is post fabric x 2 ...50x50 (fat quarter) or...simply 1/2 metre each fabric of choice and a reel of matching thread. Any extras you would like to include...ribbon, ric rac, buttons, buckles...etc..etc..embroidery thread maybe...

Then....once you have received your goodies you need to make something for your partner with what they have sent you and return it to them by the Fri.20th Nov. You dont need to use every single thread or scrap of fabric but you do need to use what your partner has sent you. Thats 3 weeks...enough time..yeah? :) ...and any extra little gifts you wish to share can travel back with your hand made parcel...

So....who wants to play...:)


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