Monday, June 29, 2009

My baby and family

....are on their way to visit..literally the air....and guess who is excited....
Its hard to believe Sebastian will be 8 this October...which means his mum and dad are almost 9 years married...Yossarian turned 3 not so long ago....where did that 3 years go...and little darn cute is she....will turn 1 in September. Please....someone....slow the clock.!!
I feel like i miss out on so much...but then i have lots to be grateful for too...i do so need to focus on that more..:) We are off to Stradbroke Is. for one week...have a house there not far from the the Island....many many fun memories with our family growing up, hols...etc....etc...
Will not forget the camera...might even take the you think i will have time to focus..learn...good intentions...nonetheless..ok i better get out a here...loads to do...thanks for popping to you x:).....OH!!! and the knitting is not finished...oh boy..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On a bit of a roll here

Someone, something seems to have given me a big kick in the pants i think....or perhaps i have had boundless love sent my way. Things do seem to be looking up. Perhaps its the simple fact i dont have the time at present to worry or feel anything..That cant be true though. I am so excited my family are arriving soon. It feels wonderful to create with paper again i must say. Inspired by Linda's challenge over at Scrap Pile...shabby has always been a fave of home is full of it. So when this challenge was called i jumped at the chance to have a play. Doesn't she look so blissed out...pure nirvana........just a shoooooooort one to all :)xx

Blog Award

How happy i was to receive this very special and very warmly received award from Ceci...thanks sooooo much first blog award....i wonder how many of you will get to witness this....very momentous do dream of a beautiful blog...too many things to do and not enough hours in my day to achieve them....sigh
Did a little retail therapy today :) and bought my gorgeous grandson some new jammies.. a lovely warm pure wool cardie for me and some towels for my very soon wonder i am not sleeping at very excited. An appointment at the accountants though put a real damper on all that. The belt needs to be tightened a little more...for now anyhow. Hard really when you think on this scale of works, buildings etc etc.... ho hum....not focusing on that for now...staying positive and looking to the future .......

Thanks for popping by...sorry for no show n tell :) xx

OOps i almost pass this here goes...


have fun ladies....spread the love :)x

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pay it forward

What a fun concept this is...Thanks Tammy..:)x .Some home, hand and heart creation coming your way if you are one of the first three people to leave a comment on my poor sad neglected blog :) I absolutely love the opportunity to create with fabric, fibre and will make you something within the next twelve months, days or weeks...depending on how much time i have. But a surprise you will receive when least how about to you my friends x


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