Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colour me happy..

Its interesting to see each person choose colour and let their hearts create such beauty. Each a little different from the next. I think the pink ones being my faves from this lot... x

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Little Late....
Just thought i would share a little pic of my newest angel...isn't she adorable of the the most sweetest angels on earth...i have a few you see :) I am almost bursting to see her and her family...only 6 weeks now until they arrive. Gee it feels good to say that and see it. It feels good to create...dont you wish you had time for all the lovely creative things in life....Thanks for calling in...i hope you leave a note...have a beautiful day x

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New ....yummy warm slippers...

Not for me has been fun to play again in some of the 'not so important things to do in our day to day'. Did it feel good to create again. Oh so what i needed. When speaking to a friend recently i was reminded of the importance of 'getting back in touch' and 'with me'. I am aware of the need to just 'be' and the importance of this....but how hard it is to not fill our days with all the lovely things we love to do and the many many things that seem to be on the list of 'general stuff' that gets done on a daily basis. I seem to recall life in much more simplicity. Perhaps Noah did too.
Fable has it that some fleece fell from the sheeps back, with all the urinating and trampling the fleece felted and then was born a nice warm cloth. There are many fables on the origins of felt...personally i love the process and the possibilities are endless.
Dont you think ? Soft, warm, comforting....
Love to you xo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Looking up :)

Oh boy..i realise i have been such a pooper lately...and just when i thought i would take some pics of my latest work the clouds are hovering huge and low. Its so dark now here in the mountains this afternoon. Quite cool too, which is nice...usually for working conditions...not really for sitting, veging in front of the computer. But....i really needed to pop in here and say a little cheery hello, to those few souls even game enough to come here....with all my drawl of late.
Miss my friends....but i will be back soon with some love and fun to share....promise xoxo
Always in my thoughts xx


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