Wednesday, February 3, 2010


as it stands
from my garden
i am ever so grateful for...and to have
sweet scented roses

a dear friend lost her mother this week
a card to soothe her soul
thinking of her

a niece of mine is about to give birth
knowing its a girl
i wish dear little scarlet rose a safe and dreamy delivery

a few months ago another friend of mine lost her mother
and another gave birth to a girl the same day
its a very interesting life cycle we have going on here sometimes
it seems

you may remember a little while ago me boasting about these scones
Stephanie from Providence Handmade will gladly share this
ever so easy peasy recipe with you too
thanks Steph they were a treat
or so i believe
i am being good !!

last ...but never least
the same roses about 5 days later
i have learned to pick them early morning and just out of bud
some of these roses give me a week in a vase
without changing water
now there's a gift
stay well my dear friends
thanks for popping by....sweet days :)x


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