Wednesday, February 3, 2010


as it stands
from my garden
i am ever so grateful for...and to have
sweet scented roses

a dear friend lost her mother this week
a card to soothe her soul
thinking of her

a niece of mine is about to give birth
knowing its a girl
i wish dear little scarlet rose a safe and dreamy delivery

a few months ago another friend of mine lost her mother
and another gave birth to a girl the same day
its a very interesting life cycle we have going on here sometimes
it seems

you may remember a little while ago me boasting about these scones
Stephanie from Providence Handmade will gladly share this
ever so easy peasy recipe with you too
thanks Steph they were a treat
or so i believe
i am being good !!

last ...but never least
the same roses about 5 days later
i have learned to pick them early morning and just out of bud
some of these roses give me a week in a vase
without changing water
now there's a gift
stay well my dear friends
thanks for popping by....sweet days :)x


Tammy James said...

Your roses are stunning Deb! I love the dark frames to your windows and had the fleeting thought to do the same to ours when I repaint - they are white now. Thought from the outside they would have to stay white ...I'm unsure what I'll do : )

jaki said...

Good Morning Deb, so nice to have a little peek into your world :)
Beautiful roses and I love your cards.
Have a lovely day !

Dogwood said...

The roses are so beautiful and so special that they are from your garden.

The cards are so pretty and lovely. You life is so full of the "circle of life" right now.

Sweetness to you.

goldenbird said...

Gorgeous roses, Debra. I love the scent of roses ... from the flower itself, from soap, candles, etc. How wonderful to grow your own. Your handmade cards are beautiful.

marit said...

The cards are so beautiful and thoughtful! Love the roses's a looong time before we'll see any roses here...they're buried under a thick layer of snow!

Shelley in SC said...

Beautiful cards . . . so nicely done, Debra. Roses, cards, scones. Thank goodness for some beauty and joy in the midst of the sadness.

Ceci said...

Oh wow what beautiful roses. We can't escape that life cycle can we, but as I read in a quote today "believe those you love will always be with you" that helps if we think that way. xx

Amba said...

lovely pictures mum. what niece is having a baby girl??

Hear Mum Roar said...

Those cards are just beautiful


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