Wednesday, January 13, 2010


an old rowing partner

rang me
it happens from time to time

the rest is history
i had this post sitting in limbo for the past two days
camera not obeying
new updates installed
and not enough time and/or motivation to sit and sort out the varyances
found a very delicious scone recipe from Stephanie at Providence Handmade
just had to make it
but not eat it...(these hips need reduction) LOL
was told by the critiques (piranhas of the home)
they were 'OK'
i take it that means pretty damm good
considering it took all of 10 minutes to devour
sorry Stephanie
no pics as promised
once i have the time to play with the canon
that does not want to play...or perhaps its my computer
or the handler behind them both
.....sorry guys...boring post
thanks for popping by
happy weekend :)x
dreaming about my quilt


goldenbird said...

You finally went rowing! I remember you mentioned a while back you wanted to go. Hope you aren't too sore ... hot bath.

Shelley in SC said...

What a great sport!! Looks like you got a workout and a half. I think you could have snuck a treat in after all that work : )!

Stephanie said...

Glad you got to row - I was on the crew team in college and really miss it! :)

jaki said...

so glad you got to row Deb...and scones demolished that quickly must surely be 'OK' lol!!

Catching up on blogland now my kiddies are back at school, the holidays flew by so quickly, lots of busy busy and plenty of fun :)

I tried to email you a couple of times but the addy I have for you seems to no longer be valid...can you drop me a line when you have rush :)


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