Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fab new thrift treasure

now how quickly did i dive on this when recently visiting
my church bazaar

sorry for the shadow
my daughter was coveting one of these on
ebay....for my birthday
so to wander into my church and see this
for $4
well lets just say she was delighted to have 'saved'
lol ...she also says she is taking me shopping
so perhaps we will fill it with goodies
i have wanted one of these for ever

also a little finish
how good does it feel to finish
this is my first quilt other than doll quilts
actually doll quilts are a great introduction to quilting
this one is for my dil's 30th birthday
this sunday
also fathers day here in Aus.

i hope she likes it
i will continue to do a little hand stitching on it
i just had to get the sewing machine off
the dinner table
i really must get better at these photos
my good camera is finally fixed and this is all i can do!!!
dear oh dear....
thanks for popping in
gorgeous day in the hills today
i hope its lovely sunny crisp and fresh where you are too
i am playing along here, see what others are up to
sweet day x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making time

for a little hands and heart
a gift for a friend

i love crocheting this ric rac
tutorial found here
the apricot and green are both from Bamboo
the red is a cotton and a little thicker
i have yards of the red, it just caught my eye and the texture is gorgeous
i am thinking i will use it to edge my next quilt (in the plan)

for more creative time makers
pop on over here
but no more time for that today for me....
off to work
sweet day x

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planning a head start

i have just ordered
this book

hoping to get a head start on Christmas
gifts for my two girls
4 girls really
if you include the dil and this little princess

we have already gifted
yearly theme park passes for everyone
as you had to purchase before the end of August to
scoop the deal
so something sweet, useful, bight, fun and fresh
will certainly (hopefully) bit welcome on the day
i have had my finger in a few pies of late
i know i am not alone there :)
will take some pics and pop back through the week.
sweet day x

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another try

i know !!
you can try too
for your chance to win this fabbo little Baby

go here
and good luck!
happy day x


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