Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making time

for a little hands and heart
a gift for a friend

i love crocheting this ric rac
tutorial found here
the apricot and green are both from Bamboo
the red is a cotton and a little thicker
i have yards of the red, it just caught my eye and the texture is gorgeous
i am thinking i will use it to edge my next quilt (in the plan)

for more creative time makers
pop on over here
but no more time for that today for me....
off to work
sweet day x


knitalatte said...

Love your Ric-Rac. Thank you for providing the link as I just have to make some too!

Christina said...

Love the look of your crochet ric rac. It would look beautiful on a quilt.


Bek said...

A quilt edged with home made ric rac. How lovely!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I've never seen crocheted ric-rac. It's lovely! Thanks for sharing the link. I'll add it to my very long list of projects to try. Best wishes, Tammy

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Debra - thanks for visiting me! I love your ric-rac crochet, thanks for the link :) I am hugely enjoying learning how to crochet at the moment - in between spells at the 'office job' ;-)

Tammy said...

Oh they are beautiful Deb! On your quilt would be awesome!

Ceci said...

Hi Deb...have been thinking of you recently. Hope you are well and happy. Love the crochet..still haven't found the crochet thread to give you, beginning to think I gave it to St Vinnies! OOPS. Probably did as I am always chucking stuff and sometimes get rid of things by mistake. xx


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