Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Creative Space

a simple gift for a friend's 'special number' birthday
i have made boxed sets of these in the past to give pre-christmas
i hope she loves them
they are made from aussie merino...a few twists and ties and manipulating
fun to make
i will take orders for christmas if anyone is interested :)

a back view...

and boxed ready to go..
she should receive them today..

teaching this lovely lady to felt with the resist method...
this being a gorgeous satchel type bag she made for herself
aren't the colours just scrumptious
lots more creativity happening at Kirsty's...
thanks for popping in...happy day :)x

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My poor man

is unwell....this is about the second time in 32 years....awww.
Good thing i have work to go to...hee hee

perhaps these will tease and please..:)
happy day

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yay for you Kirsty...and this fun game and a great few new blogs along the way. I am slowly becoming involved in my own community close to home with holding workshops, inviting others into our home, my 'outside of the home' work environment, community arts and the lovely garden club. I do believe in community and if anything a healthy liason with neighbours although i am very conscious of the need for many who live in a small community as i do to respect their space and privacy. One interesting fact i might add there is that as some of my friends already know...we left the mountains a few years back to live by the sea and a really loved the anonymity that came with living in a much more populated area. That can be lonely for some i know.

Today though with this nasty dust storm we are all experiencing i hid inside....indulging in too many little things.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last of my Cliveas

are they gorgeous
or what
the last of the yellow ones
the orange are still flowering well

and some stock
the last of this too i think as it warms up here

Not much else to report here today.
Blowing a gale
Off to work
Hope to bake bread when i get home and get busy making a gift for a dear little sweet friend

Thanks for calling in and have a lovely day :)x

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


things a little this week. I am helping out a friend in her spice shop and feel a little robbed of time i thought i had. A little selfish i guess, but you know how it is when you thought you had time for this n that...however...squeezing in a few things each day before work.

Hanging this gorgeous old curtain in my spare room

Love the birdies

Taking down these very formal pelmets and curtains.
Not sure what i am replacing them with just for now.

No worries with privacy here...we are on acreage.

annnnd....wondering what to practice with these...a bit lame looking i think but good enough for a practice run. I am a very excited girl to be beginning my first ever quilt and learning a new skill. I have dreamt of making quilts for my girls for years now....very very excited...any tips??

for more soul filling yummyness visit Kirsty's

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Creative Space

...a mish mash of unplanned things

rehoming my Dahlias
they look a little sad and damaged here
but i'm sure it's all good

under a Chinese Raisin tree

Finishing touches to a little frock coat
hard to see the gorgeous seed stitch
taken way too long
but loved every bit of it

unfinished business
which is not like me
(liar know the rest..)
which can wait for another day.

for more yummy creative, soul filled lovliness, visit Kirsty's
Happy Sunday :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


of my veg. garden. A serious the previous homeowners were a bit over zealous...we were left with a bush to clear....annnnd...ascertain what things were and everything was so overgrown. We did eventually clear a lot and are now starting from scratch again. It was too hard to try to be kind and keep it all.

beautiful beetroot
being watched closely...gorgeous leaves ready to eat

our first Brussel Sprouts ......a bit exciting to see them coming along...although with the sudden warm weather ...well hot actually...then cool again i can only wonder what that is telling the plant to do...sigh

I just love the lovely tall elegant flowers heads that sway in the breeze as Coriander goes to seed.
Coriander belongs to the beautiful umbellifer family.
There are so many beautiful species.

I was wondering if any of my friends out there in blogland can identify this. I am sure it is a vegetable of some sort. Welllllll...i did eat some the other day. I'm still here...LOL...i guess a close up pic of the leaf would have been a good idea.

So...thats a little snippet of whats happening here...

But on another note i have had some very late fun retail therapy today for a Russian wedding tomorrow. about leaving it late. I thought i had it all sorted until i tried on the smart black pants i was planning on wearing only to realise they were not as smart as i remembered...neither was i it seems....hopefully someone will get picks of us tomorrow..... to you x :) Happy Sunday


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