Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Creative Space

...a mish mash of unplanned things

rehoming my Dahlias
they look a little sad and damaged here
but i'm sure it's all good

under a Chinese Raisin tree

Finishing touches to a little frock coat
hard to see the gorgeous seed stitch
taken way too long
but loved every bit of it

unfinished business
which is not like me
(liar know the rest..)
which can wait for another day.

for more yummy creative, soul filled lovliness, visit Kirsty's
Happy Sunday :)


Tammy James said...

Nice to see what you are up to Deb. The frock coat is looking gorgeous!

Gina said...

I'm working on digging up and repotting all my summer plants. They can live in the greenhouse form now until the spring. Trouble is I now need to plant other things in their place. It never stops.

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Lola Nova said...

That little frock coat looks like it's going to be lovely.
Thank you for you kind comment on my blog.
Have a great day!

goldenbird said...

The frock coat is very pretty. I adore seed stitch. I made a red baby sweater in seed stitch that looks similar to your coat, but the arms turned out too skinny. Take care, Stacy.

Ceci said...

Love all your photos sound really happy. :) xx


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