Friday, September 4, 2009


of my veg. garden. A serious the previous homeowners were a bit over zealous...we were left with a bush to clear....annnnd...ascertain what things were and everything was so overgrown. We did eventually clear a lot and are now starting from scratch again. It was too hard to try to be kind and keep it all.

beautiful beetroot
being watched closely...gorgeous leaves ready to eat

our first Brussel Sprouts ......a bit exciting to see them coming along...although with the sudden warm weather ...well hot actually...then cool again i can only wonder what that is telling the plant to do...sigh

I just love the lovely tall elegant flowers heads that sway in the breeze as Coriander goes to seed.
Coriander belongs to the beautiful umbellifer family.
There are so many beautiful species.

I was wondering if any of my friends out there in blogland can identify this. I am sure it is a vegetable of some sort. Welllllll...i did eat some the other day. I'm still here...LOL...i guess a close up pic of the leaf would have been a good idea.

So...thats a little snippet of whats happening here...

But on another note i have had some very late fun retail therapy today for a Russian wedding tomorrow. about leaving it late. I thought i had it all sorted until i tried on the smart black pants i was planning on wearing only to realise they were not as smart as i remembered...neither was i it seems....hopefully someone will get picks of us tomorrow..... to you x :) Happy Sunday


Gina said...

Great photos of your veg.

I just love Brussel Sprouts served with crispy bacon and just a touch of nutmeg

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tammy James said...

Thanks for the peek at your garden Deb, I'm no help with the yellow flowered specimen Sorry

goldenbird said...

Your veggie garden is looking good. Hope you enjoy the wedding. I tend to wait to the last minute to figure out what I'm going to wear and then have to hurry up and shop, shop, shop.

Dogwood said...

Veggie garden are so much fun. We hope to get our back in production next spring. We need to get up the deer fence first! Have a happy day.

Darroch Cottage said...

You know I have never managed to get corainder flowers! They go to seed beautifully but then get these sort of yellow blobs!
I think your garden looks great!


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