Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Clients

Its so much appreciated to see the joy of knowledge shared and the ever so happy recipients.

Some of my students of yesterday with their pieces of beauty. The white one reminds me of a Monet. Dont you think.? Its wonderful to watch the ladies choose their colours and set about laying the silk then the fleece and onto embellishing....chatting all the while....some wonderful, inspiring life stories are told on these days. People, opening up and sharing their lives with you on a very personal level. Mostly good, some a little sad..but uplifting and empowering at the same time.
I now wish i had had the chance to take this outside for a photo before it went home. This is called Nuno felting and the base is tissue silk then gorgeous soft Aussie Merino on top with some other embellies i always have around...just an assortment of fibres to play around with really. It really was/is a beautiful piece. These two ladies were absolute gems to work with...thanks girls..a real pleasure..x :)


Tammy James said...

WOW gorgeous creations ladies! Well done. Deb I think when I'm next up there you may have to give J and I a private workshop ... LOL

jaki said...

Great idea T!!
They look great Deb and I'm so glad that you get just as much out of your workshops as the ladies :)

goldenbird said...

Gorgeous Nuno pieces! I have seen those in stores and always wondered how they are made. So pretty. It sounds like everyone's lives are enriched by your workshops.

Tammy James said...

No plans in the works yet Deb, a busy few months ahead for us with weddings and Daves School reunion.

Ceci said...

The colours really are reminiscent of a Monet...just beautiful. :)

Dogwood said...

So beautiful and as you say very "Monet-like." Those ladies look so happy with their art work. My daughter is a potter and loves to teach. She enjoys seeing the pleased and proud faces on her students when they see their pieces come out of the kiln. I am sure you feel the same! Keep up the good work! Dogwood


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