Monday, August 3, 2009

It seems

to be blog candy i surf a little and find new interesting reads and sites i am wanting to explore and read more i am also coming across some exciting give-aways. This looks fab and just a nice kick start to the silly season...huh? all i need to do is grab a few pics of last year, and boy do i have a few...and get moving before this next season is upon me. I think i have said that one before too. Seriously though...i have had a chat to my beautiful girl about sitting with her at night. Now even though she only watches tv for one hour most nights and less on others... if i stop to watch with her, my whole very night time being changes into one very lazy you know what. Soooooooo...MOST nights now i am NOT SITTING...there that is....but as to get some more crafts happening. in between a meeting and many other little tasks....i made a card......:) :) :)....hopefully can share in the morning.


Ceci said...

It's hard balancing time isn't easy to let time slip away while watching TV!

jaki said...

Yep, I agree. Even though I generally crochet while watching tv nowadays my scrapping does suffer :(

Looking forward to seeing your card Deb :)


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