Saturday, August 21, 2010

Party time

something i had not consciously considered
but worked a treat

post dating
my birthday celebrations
as it is often cold and windy

this day was

beautiful family and friends
this little guy was
a star on the day

and this lady too

the whole mottely crew
well most
hee hee

family and a very welcome announcement
i am going to be a nonna again
our son and his wife are having their first

dont you just love days like this
lunch on the lawn
at home
sunshine, good food, love and giggles....aka champagne
more more them all.
sweet day :) x

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stamp to the beat of your heart

gorgeous generous giveaway

check it out
Kellie Winnell
fingers crossed
:) x

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sorry its been so long

but so much has happened
i felted

flowers for a friends birthday

Lavender & Lime Chiffon Cake
with lime curd...for a very big day
this Sunday

not quite how it looked in the recipe
it will do though
tasted divine

thought i would make less with icing sugar
pays to stick to the recipe

where our beautiful doggies bathe
a few shots of my garden/block

a very successful broccoli crop this year
no white moth
lemongrass....before its haircut
love lemongrass in the garden and how quickly
it bounces back after a trim

learned NOT to recycle office waste in garden

also learned i need to use my space more wisely
sweet pea coming along nicely
loooovve the sweet scent of sweet pea in my home

i am a natural with coriander
it follows me wherever i go
the new local cafe have been trading for free coffee
yum....lucky me

gracefully next to the fencing timber
Irises grown for the first time
from a friend
some of these have grown to over a metre
then along come the cockatoos...grrr

and then.... at the end of a hard days work
she bakes bread...
not sure why my sweet Pierre is with arms folded in the b/ground there
maybe waiting permission....giggle
have had a play with paper too
next post
what fun it is being unemployed (weeeeelllll...away from the home that is)

sweet day my friends and family xxx :)


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