Wednesday, January 13, 2010


an old rowing partner

rang me
it happens from time to time

the rest is history
i had this post sitting in limbo for the past two days
camera not obeying
new updates installed
and not enough time and/or motivation to sit and sort out the varyances
found a very delicious scone recipe from Stephanie at Providence Handmade
just had to make it
but not eat it...(these hips need reduction) LOL
was told by the critiques (piranhas of the home)
they were 'OK'
i take it that means pretty damm good
considering it took all of 10 minutes to devour
sorry Stephanie
no pics as promised
once i have the time to play with the canon
that does not want to play...or perhaps its my computer
or the handler behind them both
.....sorry guys...boring post
thanks for popping by
happy weekend :)x
dreaming about my quilt

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Said

i wouldn't
but of course i am going to

a sample pot awaits
it must be the integrity in me
that says to leave this alone
but i have such a strong aversion to dark wood it seems
USA white
it will soon be
it is going to be some job getting all the little metal plates off though
first i must have the missing drawers made
in the quiet hours

i continue with a little stitching
braid stitch
i think my thread is a little too thick for the stitch
i will persevere though
i want to add lots of patches of
to a quilt i have in mind
day off today
although i need to meet with a client for an hour or so
and more rain expected here
i am surrounded by
beautiful wet green pastures
happy day :)x


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