Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Torn between...

Do i sew the remaining chair covers...only a few to go, and some new fresh pillows :) .prep tonights dinner ....not sure what we are having yet....sort a pile of photo albums sitting in front of me on the floor....its all very organised and boring right .....or try AGAIN grrr to sort this slide...i know i am doing something really dumb!! so i guess i should just go delete and start again....but it wont let me delete...i cant believe i am confessing this ...especially when i realise how easy it all is....but first i need to go check puppies...i think the rain might be coming in to the porch which is where they are sitting.....oh and i have a new doggie house...but that i will show soon...back then....thanks for stopping by to this ...my presently very boring blog..:( xx

Monday, November 10, 2008

What a start to my week !!

Progressing nicely here...things are starting to show the work put in.!!phew ..at long last..i guess some would think i am being impatient, but when you physically work this hard its darn nice to see the results.....and QUICK..LOL My gorgeous Pierre built a wonderful compound to run, play for our little babies....(will get pics posted soon) that is very satisfying to see (oh and hear lol) them content and know they are safe. Trouble is after a wet weekend all the tics come to the party too, and my poor little Juliet has just spent the beginnign of the week in doggie hospital. We de-tic them all each day (twice). They have advantix protection as well....what more can i do..suspend them from air. Nope, well thats if i believe birds can carry them too. Tick territory up here i am afraid. She's fine now, but my bank balance is a LOT worse for wear. Oh ...and apparentley i am to keep her quiet for a week, preferably two. What !!!! A 12 week old high exercise dog quiet for 2 weeks...easy for them to say. Poor Juliet has to be kept separate from the other dogs, cannot even sleep with her mate, nor play....awww....seriously though the whole thing had me a bit worried...still does ......well thats until my builder mate comes around to have a look at a couple of things we would like done here. A skylight in the downstairs bathroom is first on the list. So i take him up through to the attic to check it all out and he near falls through my ceiling.....oh ...i pic might be handy....brb xx

welcome weekend :)

I wish i had time to get out and take a few pics this morning to share with you. It is such a beautiful misty mountain morning. True 'Tambo' style. It often is here...lucky girl huh? sorry just had to add that. Mind you the days heat up and then the afternoons cool down again. Just what the doctor ordered...hee hee..I have nothing to share scrapwise...wish i had had the energy last night to finish off a page i am almost finished with. I know i am being hesitant...its family you see....it always seems to create emotions that just get pushed away. I suppose we all have some of that right? Surely i am not the only one....lol...It wont happen tonight either as we have visitors for the weekend. Kim and Ron are coming from Brissy. Will be fab to be with them again. Love that girl :) and Ron's not a bad boy either..:) Oh and one of the boys from next door is coming over too...the other boy has to work. They seem like great guys..and their lovely big yummy free range eggs are just divine. Thanks boys :)... The birdlife is so pretty this morning....perhaps i will go for a little stroll through the roses....thanks for stopping by..x

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


so you can tell i am still getting this thing sorted...i wonder how i can get my slide moved to the side?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
Happy day my friends x

Monday, November 3, 2008


I need more. Rising at 4.30 am each day is too early. Ha ha ....i just realised my last pathetic little post was crying out for time....so its Time and Sleep i am in most need of right now...I guess things could be worse :) I promise (to me) oh and to the constant visitors...ha! to get this blog thing sorted. It feels right, right now...so what is stopping me...guilt i think...they are a myriad of things that need to be done. Better hop to it.....Ciao for now :)


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