Tuesday, November 4, 2008


so you can tell i am still getting this thing sorted...i wonder how i can get my slide moved to the side?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
Happy day my friends x


Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Debra, thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a cheerio! Sorry I can't help with the slider thingy as I've had to leave mine right at the bottom of my blog because I'm not very good at this Blogger thing either lol

Love your layouts and your cute OTP house!

You sound like me, I'm a constant early riser for work, sometimes 4am sometimes 5, but depends on how much I have to do really. I like working from home but there is also the problem of having too much time to devote to work and it's hard right now for me to get the balance right between me time and work time. My scraping is definitely suffering!

Keep at the blog, you will get the hang of it, it just takes some time to figure it all out. Maybe look at the dashboard cos I think it lets you rearrange elements on the blog. Best of luck and chat soon, Lu

di basnett said...

Doing great Debra.
I think to get the slide show into the sidebar you have to copy the code into the html tag in the blogger layout. But you might find that the width of the slide might be too big for your sidebar. You might have to go to a full screen width.
Give it a go. You can't do any harm...and if it doesn't work...just delete it.

jaki said...

Well something made me click on your name in the comment you left on my blog and I see you are blogging :)
Hope you don't mind me dropping by...it will be nice to keep up with your doings.

jaki said...

To put your slideshow in your sidebar you need to click on "customise" right at the very top of your blog and then on the new page that comes up click on "add a gadget"
One of the options is to "add a slideshow", click on that and add your slideshow link.
There are lots of things you can add in the sidebar through "add a a gadget"
Email me if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help :)

KerrynF said...

Hey Debra, sorry can't help you with the slide show, but you are doing a fabulous job with your blog!
Keep it up.


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