Monday, November 10, 2008

What a start to my week !!

Progressing nicely here...things are starting to show the work put in.!!phew long last..i guess some would think i am being impatient, but when you physically work this hard its darn nice to see the results.....and QUICK..LOL My gorgeous Pierre built a wonderful compound to run, play for our little babies....(will get pics posted soon) that is very satisfying to see (oh and hear lol) them content and know they are safe. Trouble is after a wet weekend all the tics come to the party too, and my poor little Juliet has just spent the beginnign of the week in doggie hospital. We de-tic them all each day (twice). They have advantix protection as well....what more can i do..suspend them from air. Nope, well thats if i believe birds can carry them too. Tick territory up here i am afraid. She's fine now, but my bank balance is a LOT worse for wear. Oh ...and apparentley i am to keep her quiet for a week, preferably two. What !!!! A 12 week old high exercise dog quiet for 2 weeks...easy for them to say. Poor Juliet has to be kept separate from the other dogs, cannot even sleep with her mate, nor play....awww....seriously though the whole thing had me a bit worried...still does ......well thats until my builder mate comes around to have a look at a couple of things we would like done here. A skylight in the downstairs bathroom is first on the list. So i take him up through to the attic to check it all out and he near falls through my ceiling.....oh ...i pic might be handy....brb xx


jaki said...

Oh Deb! I'm glad that Juliet is ok.
Ticks really are a worry :(

Would love to see some photos of the things you are doing to your place :)

Tammy James said...

I'm keen for some pics too!
Hop eyou are faring OK with all the wild weather I'm hearing about up there!
T x


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