Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Clients

Its so much appreciated to see the joy of knowledge shared and the ever so happy recipients.

Some of my students of yesterday with their pieces of beauty. The white one reminds me of a Monet. Dont you think.? Its wonderful to watch the ladies choose their colours and set about laying the silk then the fleece and onto embellishing....chatting all the while....some wonderful, inspiring life stories are told on these days. People, opening up and sharing their lives with you on a very personal level. Mostly good, some a little sad..but uplifting and empowering at the same time.
I now wish i had had the chance to take this outside for a photo before it went home. This is called Nuno felting and the base is tissue silk then gorgeous soft Aussie Merino on top with some other embellies i always have around...just an assortment of fibres to play around with really. It really was/is a beautiful piece. These two ladies were absolute gems to work with...thanks girls..a real pleasure..x :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh to felt...

Of all the fibres known to man...wool, and its counterparts, would have to be my most absolute fave to work with. Felting being at the top of the list, but running close behind is knitting. :)Its funny, i feel the skill may escape me if i dont give it a mention...LOL

I promised my sister one of these for her birthday back in April. Talk about late...!!
The shape you see on the front, the shape in question was to be

a bird...sigh....

I guess its now a fish with little ones in tow....they say its good luck to give fish...right ? :)x

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where'd All My Money Go..

I hear ya...i guess as i told myself i was spending less on scrappy supplies this year..i am too interested in all the lovely blog giveaways. Its always fun to buy new product huh?
I stumbled upon Steph's blog doing a little blog hopping just now...!!! well someone hid the mower keys....the little mower that is and the tractor has a tyre to repair....what's a girl to do now..LOL
This is one very talented lady...check it out :)
Happy Day :)

Gorgeous Giveaway

Grosgrain: Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have sewn a few Amy Butler things now...for my daughter last Fall...back in Texas...this is a fab giveaway...isn't it pretty...just follow the link if you too would like to a place in the prize. I loved sewing with her patterns and Grosgrain are adding some gorgeous fabrics to go with this generous package..have fun..:) and Good Luck..:)x

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bewildered and some fun to share

You know when you have issues....you take them in, try to deal with them. Wonder if they are worth making a fuss and decide they are not.....only to realise they rear their ugly heads again, you think it through, process if you like...bury it again ...or as i call it 'done with'. It might be weeks, months...or it might be every day...up it comes again. Well i have had this issue with a family member for some time now, which after all the processing, toing and froing....i decided that to enable me to let it go, or move on i needed to deal with it directly. It has been really upsetting me and i know affecting how i am handling other things of late. So today was the day. I sent am email i am hoping will be read and thought over. Of course it would have been better to be face to face but this is not possible as this family member does not live here. I dont expect a wonderful outcome but i am hoping that she will think and be able to speak it through with me at a later date ...albeit soon of course. So...its upsetting as i love this person dearly and want to be close and have an understanding, compassionate and ACCEPTING relationship...ho hum

On the brighter side...i vaccumed, steam mopped, clean two bathrooms, did more sorting in my ever messy creative space...then my beautiful baby walked in from school with the usual...'hi mum' ...hugs....'whats for dinner'. ? ' I thought ...Minestrone darling'....'Oh fab...can i make it...please Mum...i do prefer mine'.....gotta love that...LOL So...guess who's making dinner. :)

Oh and some fun to share...did this card a week back. As i envied it up i remembered to get a pic.
I wrote my message on the very back as it would take up too much room. Have nor played with too much paper of late, but i am enjoying lots of lovely stitching etc. Hope to share that soon. I guess works in progress pics are allowed...:)

See you soon, happy day :)x

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Building Sustainable Small Business

On recently attending a workshop on sustainability in business i came to realise just how much impact our little business can have on the environment...in a positive and not so positive way.
The workshop was hosted by the Ethos Foundation. It was a series of three workshops and unfortunately i only made it to the last. It certainly inspired me and my direction of thinking with planning our cottages and so much that goes with that.
It also prompted all sorts of thinking in how things are handled here in our every day lives, reiterating the need to be a little or a lot ...LOL..more mindful.

I leave you with a very relative quote and a pic of some of my last roses as they prepare themselves for a little sleep.

~Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandi

xx :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


I have my secret partner for the quilt swap. How exciting...now i am committed to sew...poor Pierre. I have knitting baskets here n there, paper cuttings too...now the sewing machine may grace the dinner table only to fill the room with creativity...well at least we can shuffle it all down one end when its meal time...annnd...something to add to the conversations...LOL..you never know it may even inspire darling Bea. I cannot wait to get started on this. Oh then there's the socks (knittted) of course waiting to be finished for this little darling

Thursday, August 6, 2009


enough to be draped over my day chair. Can you imagine this draped over this.

Such pretty creating would just flow and flow and ........i am not sure if i would get much done at all..LOL Too busy admiring such pretty work. But this piece sure is inspiring me to get started on my own quilt commitments soon.

What about you :)x

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


old habits. To jump in to my running shoes this morning and hit the pavement, heading east, witnessing a beautiful pink sunrise was just magic. Seriously...i know its just a little hard to believe, but it was just beautiful. My whole being feels alive...well it did then ..LOL...This i am aiming to keep up for most of the week. I used to manage this 7 days...lets see how i go.
Right now though after a day out, a few chores before i went and the whole day on my feet ....and soon i have to hit the school for parent /teacher chats...well just one really. The dreaded math teacher. Thank goodness he's a bit of a gooooood look....at least i wont be too bored...:)

Miss these babies already :(


have always been a thing for me. To give them (and possibly too many to the children at times) and to make them for myself and others. As you know i have had my family here visiting for 5 weeks...but the ideas to create have certainly not left my dreaming space...:) So...what will it be. I do need to add to the creative tank some ideas for the Quilt Swap i have joined. I am really looking forward to dragging out my sewing machine for this one. It is something i have meant to do for a very long time. Quilt that is. I bought half a quilt store some years ago, and have dreamt of making both my girls a quilt. That of course along with a zillion other beautiful creative visions. Then there is my ever so messy paper space calling out to me...LOL ...and birthdays coming up ...the shed which i promised to start on the minute my family left, which is currently housing a very large cutting bench and much loved accumulated STUFF!!! AND as i am conciously trying to eliminate 'stuff' i go to a business meeting yesterday only to be told by another attendee "NEVER THROW OUT ANYTHING"....i know ...i should not listen. Too many things to mention....then i look over the top of my computer to see the most beautiful pink sunrise emerging......better get on those running shoes. Back later...x

Monday, August 3, 2009

It seems

to be blog candy time...as i surf a little and find new interesting reads and sites i am wanting to explore and read more i am also coming across some exciting give-aways. This looks fab and just a nice kick start to the silly season...huh?

Yummy..yummy...now all i need to do is grab a few pics of last year, and boy do i have a few...and get moving before this next season is upon me. I think i have said that one before too. Seriously though...i have had a chat to my beautiful girl about sitting with her at night. Now even though she only watches tv for one hour most nights and less on others... if i stop to watch with her, my whole very night time being changes into one very lazy you know what. Soooooooo...MOST nights now i am NOT SITTING...there that is....but elsewhere...so as to get some more crafts happening. Annnnnd....today in between a meeting and many other little tasks....i made a card......:) :) :)....hopefully can share in the morning.


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