Saturday, January 31, 2009

More fun

These pics were taken when my niece visited a few months back. Just got around to scrapping them now. She always has a blast with us. I wish i had got pics of both Bea and her together...never mind. Next time.

Love this those pics. Thanks for stopping to you my friends.x

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funsies..:) rain...for a minute at least...been outside all morning gernying the pavers down the side of the house...started last week but mother nature had other ideas. Hopefully i will get it finished today. How good does it feel to get a job away..forgotten until next time...ahhh. Needed a cuppa though so here i am with my story and a fun page to share. Thought this old pic was very worthy of remembering...notice how calm my baby looks...most little bubbas of this age are howling in the lap of does look a little concerned does her big brother...loved doing this page...but lately ..i am loving it all. Thanks for calling in ot you and a truly happy weekend..stay close to your loved ones x

Friday, January 23, 2009

Love nurtures...

all things that grow, it harmonises and unites. I wish i could slow down the growing process of my garden. All we seem to do is feed the trailer, then the tip. Personally this is one chickie who looks forward to getting my hands on some moula and purchasing the big muncher we have our eyes on. Oh to be able to feed it back to the garden...what a treat. Mulch, mulch, mulch...bring it on....

And ......some scrapping...this one was for a challenge over at the Pile. Mel set the challenge and a few girlies added an element was hand to stitch..:)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After considerable thought and reflective mood i have decided to make my word this year and every year forthwith anything to do with ....pertaining to being happy and 'content'. This has come from within and not quickly...with much thought..... many hours questioning, reasoning...recognizing certain personal qualities and basically wondering and finally 'wanting to know' where my bubble for life went. Who stole it. 5 years almost ....possibly more i have lost that 'effervescence for life' .
I have always been a happy girl and i am sure some of my new friends see me as a happy girl...but i know and my old friends and family i am sure know i am not the girl i used to be. Yes...much has happened in that time...things that would break the tried and tested of most lifes cruelties...plans we seem to make for ourselves and family get interrupted, not by intention but mere fate. Its interesting how little things can break ones heart as much as the sudden death of a loved one, i guess its what we put into life and our little unexpected expectations of what comes back to us to bring it all into perspective.
I need to make peace with myself and move towards each day knowing it is going to be better than yesterday, trusting i have made the right decisions and be 'happy' with it. Believe in it.
I need to spend more time with family this year and worry less about the future of me and my family.
So....'Happy' it is and lots less worry.
Oh boy and i need to upload some goodies....:)
Thanks for stopping by....xxxx mippi manis (sweet dreams)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Books books and more books... i went whats new...i mean...its real hard earned money spent on 'real stuff' !!
I have only recently read some reviews about "Three Cups of Tea" and knew from the very first critique it was a 'must read'....then a gorgeous book on hotel rooms....some visuals to help me along the way ...LOL we have not even begun the earthworks yet...but a girl needs to keep uptodate with these things...and a beautiful little 'raw' book on recycled goods used in the without pics i leave you to hop into my new sheets....(not shop new, just 'off the line' new) trouble is ...which will i drool first...
hopefully tomorrow will allow me time to upload some pics...night my to you :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It arrived :) :)

The post ...or should i call it 'snail mail' might have taken almost one month but little boys dont worry about such detail when inside there are surprises....yummy gold chocolate coins . I do wish i had seen the expression on little Yossi's face when he opened his parcel though. Those moments of sheer joy are priceless. Thank you dear postman for helping to make his day.
Oh i do have some scrap to share...well thats if my photoshop would play. Man...someone has been fooling with...its another historic..LOL pic i have been wanting to scrap forever..hoepfully i will get back here this arvie ...hee hee and try to upload again.:) Thanks for popping by my to you..x


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