Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Books books and more books... i went whats new...i mean...its real hard earned money spent on 'real stuff' !!
I have only recently read some reviews about "Three Cups of Tea" and knew from the very first critique it was a 'must read'....then a gorgeous book on hotel rooms....some visuals to help me along the way ...LOL we have not even begun the earthworks yet...but a girl needs to keep uptodate with these things...and a beautiful little 'raw' book on recycled goods used in the without pics i leave you to hop into my new sheets....(not shop new, just 'off the line' new) trouble is ...which will i drool first...
hopefully tomorrow will allow me time to upload some pics...night my to you :)

1 comment:

jaki said...

The book on recycled good in the home sounds interesting Deb.
Love the new look of your blog...cute little owl!


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