Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving right along

blocks blocks and swaps
this little beauty
albeit terrible photo
was such fun to make
still a little more stitching to finish off today then into the post she
i love this block
and was a lot of fun to modify and change up to
a mug rug for my partner
i am sure she will love it!

this next block is for a block swap i joined
a little while back
i dont seem to be getting off on the right foot
i am afraid
i guess we all have different expectations
some more than others
i can liken it a little to the industry i work in
some need overservicing
alas....most are happy
i dont really love log cabin
but i hope my partner is Spain likes this one

this little beauty must be bound by the
red polkadot?
what do you think?
honestly now......

For more creative fun
pop on over here
fun day....i have the morning off!!
window cleanign
or should be

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time for another

over at
Leona's Quilting Adventure
lots of handy little tools of the trade
are being offered up for grabs...
check it out

dont have time to fiddle with blogger this morning
excuse my pic
ok that was easy.....giggle
groovy day x


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