Thursday, June 2, 2011

This little quilt

went to a new owner
she has received it now
ok to show n tell
i really enjoyed making this one
and darling daughter n0.1 thinks it should be real size

uh oh...looks like i have yet another thing to add to the already long list of requests
from darling daughters
and a son...

for the DUDQS 2
so much fun
loved every bit of it
did not want to put it down
a great way to use up my felt scraps too
sweet day x
btw...i pieced the back of this quilt and dont know why
i didn't photograph it !


jaki said...

It is gorgeous Deb, the felt flowers/leaves are a lovely touch.
I bet its new owner loves it!!

TammyJ said...

Oh such gorgeous precise hand stitching! What a lucky recipient.

Linda said...

What a sweet quilt! Great job!!!

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

It's SO adorable and sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Debra this quilt is gorgeous,well done

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

hi Deb, this is lovely ;-)
Just checking in with you, you are my June swap partner for Block Swap Adventure and I wanted to check that you had got my email sent on 26 May.

Ceci said...

That's a beautiful quilt Deb, I love the felt flowers they are so precious. x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I'm with darling daughter no.1. Your quilt is beautiful!


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