Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My creative space this week

is seeking opinions as to what i am going to do...actually,
use with this gorgeous cotton i thrifted
sorry for the pathetic photo
i am so time poor of a day
yeah yeah i know
you've heard it before

i thought i would quilt for a little sweet girl
but not sure about what sort of block
i guess i could fussy cut each fairy tale pic
what do you think
i would hate to cut wrongly
this second pic you can see the weave
it is a gorgeous strong but light weight cotton
almost like a seer sucker but not

i have also been trying to drag some ufo's from the attic
its too cold to work up there

leaving you with a pic of the snow storm (hail) which hit
in the mountains here a week or so ago
this is a pic from my bedroom window the
day after
funny enough it did not really feel very cold
for more creative inspiration head on over to the space
groovy day x


Anonymous said...

lovely fabric find Debra and gee that last pic looks very cold

willywagtail said...

I think I would fussy cut it as it's a vintage pice and not seen all the time. Cherrie

Linda said...

I've just gotten out of the pool here and it has been so hot I can't even imagine snow right now. Of course, it is summer here.
The fabric is a treasure!

Seaweed and Raine said...

What scrumptious waffle-weave looking fabric! I love the vintage pictures. Fussy cutting could work - or if the fabric is large enough, you could use it as a central panel and put a border (or just binding - depeding on how big it is) around it. What ever you choose, Im sure it will look wonderful!

fairchildstreet said...

gorgeous material. Will be a beautiful quilt. I think I would do big squares so you wouldn't loose the pattern. Snow in Queensland is that normal? Thanks for stopping by. Charmaine


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