Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A creative environment

we have created

it warms my heart
to see the hands and heart
resonates with my family

both my daughters have learned to make wool felt
from me
then with their own impression
are creating wonderful things
and useful
all made with 100% aussie merino wool
and available here
she also creates one off orders

my gorgeous little grandaughter Juniper
i will bring you a couple more of the other daughters
next week
as for me
i am still busy touching up on my crochet skills
enjoying this very much
and ready to take this a little further

i am leaving you with a lovely (not so) photo of a recent hail storm we
experienced here
very unusual for winter

winter has been a long one here
and a cold one
loving it none the less
enjoy the day
and check out other familys' creativity here


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