Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This slows me down

but a little mans birthday nears

i was not really in love with this when i first began cutting into it
however now i have made a couple of blocks
i am enjoying the process

this has slowed me a little.....a lot
but one must play tough soldiers
5 more weeks inside this cage
even though i am right handed its surprising how much you do rely on 
two....particularly for accuracy
have a great week and pop on over here for more inspiration

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Messy space

 i did warn you
truth is i have simply been having too much fun with it all
its a fab height, in the right room, lots of natural light and not bothering other family activities

the thing is
since three days ago i have severed my tendon below the left thumb
 so all this fun and momentum i seemed to be building up
is now on hold grrrr

my totally fun and soon to be gorgeous and long awaited Single Girl
all ready to sew sew
its still pretty raw the injury
i am hoping once my cast comes off tomorrow and i get a splint i might be able to do a little

but i do have a little semi finish
this fun string blocks top
was a real no brainer to put this one together
i plan to border this in white to break up the pink a bit 
although it does not look that pink in this photo 
it does in real

those are my baby's feet
she just finished high school
nannying...and sorts...contemplating life

hop on over here  to see other non injured creators
thanks for calling in
groovy day x

i did warn you

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i thought i would show you some before shots
 of my formal living room soon to be creative space
 a large table fitted out with retro styled castors will be sitting under this window with the pelmet
 this is a beautiful room with lots of natural light as you can see
once i get to a few more trees outside there will be even more :)
we have a good sized office to the left of this room with lots of floor to ceiling windows
offering lots more natural light
its just that this photographer is too short on time (actually does still not understand simple workings of her very fancy camera)
the second photo is taken from a level slightly higher walking down a hall back towards our main living 
i am grateful for the family dynamics now allowing this to become my space
the original seating layout has still be considered though as there will be times 
throughout the year when family will gather the right and back a little is a large open fire place with plenty of seating for these occasions...who knows they may all feel the urge...wouldn't that be wonderful
this next pic is from the side looking back into the office which i share with darling Pierre

thought i would leave with a wip....i would love some help with this wall...i simply have visions of beauty which are not unfolding...time is all i need
next week i will pop back with after shots as the table is in place....and messy to say the least
how do you fit all the sewing in amongst lifes dailies...
thanks for popping in...i promise to share some more creative pursuits in a couple of days
sweet dayx


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