Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bewildered and some fun to share

You know when you have take them in, try to deal with them. Wonder if they are worth making a fuss and decide they are not.....only to realise they rear their ugly heads again, you think it through, process if you like...bury it again ...or as i call it 'done with'. It might be weeks, months...or it might be every day...up it comes again. Well i have had this issue with a family member for some time now, which after all the processing, toing and froing....i decided that to enable me to let it go, or move on i needed to deal with it directly. It has been really upsetting me and i know affecting how i am handling other things of late. So today was the day. I sent am email i am hoping will be read and thought over. Of course it would have been better to be face to face but this is not possible as this family member does not live here. I dont expect a wonderful outcome but i am hoping that she will think and be able to speak it through with me at a later date ...albeit soon of course. So...its upsetting as i love this person dearly and want to be close and have an understanding, compassionate and ACCEPTING relationship...ho hum

On the brighter side...i vaccumed, steam mopped, clean two bathrooms, did more sorting in my ever messy creative space...then my beautiful baby walked in from school with the usual...'hi mum' ...hugs....'whats for dinner'. ? ' I thought ...Minestrone darling'....'Oh fab...can i make it...please Mum...i do prefer mine'.....gotta love that...LOL So...guess who's making dinner. :)

Oh and some fun to share...did this card a week back. As i envied it up i remembered to get a pic.
I wrote my message on the very back as it would take up too much room. Have nor played with too much paper of late, but i am enjoying lots of lovely stitching etc. Hope to share that soon. I guess works in progress pics are allowed...:)

See you soon, happy day :)x


Tammy James said...

Oh Deb what a gorgeous card, I'm seeing a lot of these dimensional shaped trifolds around lately and am a little inspired to try one someday!
I can totally relate to what you are saying about things resurfacing and I took baby steps in a situation yesterday too.

Dogwood said...

As the saying day at a time, or hour or minute. It is so very hard when there is conflict or misunderstandings between family members. I am sorry you are going through a touch situation...but time is a great healer. I admire you for taking a step forward in bridging the gap.

Love the happy card. It is so beautiful and creative.

Sweet thoughts to you. Dogwood

goldenbird said...

I hope the email you sent is well-received and you are able to resolve the issue with your family member. Someone recently told me that we expect our families to always be full of love and support, when in reality they are our schools, where we go to learn important lessons. I can so relate to your situation.


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