Monday, November 10, 2008

welcome weekend :)

I wish i had time to get out and take a few pics this morning to share with you. It is such a beautiful misty mountain morning. True 'Tambo' style. It often is here...lucky girl huh? sorry just had to add that. Mind you the days heat up and then the afternoons cool down again. Just what the doctor ordered...hee hee..I have nothing to share scrapwise...wish i had had the energy last night to finish off a page i am almost finished with. I know i am being hesitant...its family you always seems to create emotions that just get pushed away. I suppose we all have some of that right? Surely i am not the only wont happen tonight either as we have visitors for the weekend. Kim and Ron are coming from Brissy. Will be fab to be with them again. Love that girl :) and Ron's not a bad boy either..:) Oh and one of the boys from next door is coming over too...the other boy has to work. They seem like great guys..and their lovely big yummy free range eggs are just divine. Thanks boys :)... The birdlife is so pretty this morning....perhaps i will go for a little stroll through the roses....thanks for stopping by..x

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