Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Said

i wouldn't
but of course i am going to

a sample pot awaits
it must be the integrity in me
that says to leave this alone
but i have such a strong aversion to dark wood it seems
USA white
it will soon be
it is going to be some job getting all the little metal plates off though
first i must have the missing drawers made
in the quiet hours

i continue with a little stitching
braid stitch
i think my thread is a little too thick for the stitch
i will persevere though
i want to add lots of patches of
to a quilt i have in mind
day off today
although i need to meet with a client for an hour or so
and more rain expected here
i am surrounded by
beautiful wet green pastures
happy day :)x


Tammy James said...

Ohhh that stitched peek looks like something lovely in the making with the swirls. Good luck with your makeover project too, I look forward to seeing it.

Dogwood said...

What a great project. I love the look of that great piece of furniture. It looks like a treasure!

I like your stitchery. So sweet.

Ceci said...

That set of drawers looks gorgeous, what a find! sound contentedly busy Deb. x

Kate said...

I love the idea of your stitches ending up in a quilt. Tiny stitches in a bigger quilted picture. I'm looking forward to seeing the tranformed piece once you have painted it. Enjoy the rain.

Shelley in SC said...

Oh my word, I just love that piece. Please show it to us when it is all done!!!

Poppy Cottage said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes storage is ALWAYS good and needed here. I promise to pull my finger out and get your swap finished and sent off. I love the little set of drawers, they will look fab painted. Good luck with the quilt. Patchwork is such a lovely craft. So far, one thing finished, maybe I might be able to do all the finishing BEFORE I start anything new!!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I would give my right arm for a cabinet like that!! Gorgeous! And you have my wheels turning with the patches of stitchery on a quilt...hmmmm.....can't wait to see the finished product. Did you make the orange scones?!

goldenbird said...

Hi Debra,

I share your aversion to dark wood. Looking forward to seeing it after you paint it white.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm really enjoying knitting socks, much more than expected. We learned to do the toe in the first class and still have three more classes to go. I am familiar with that two-at-a-time sock book you mentioned although I haven't read it. I did buy one about knitting them on two circular needles but couldn't follow it either :o) It really, really helps to have an expert teach you. Hope you enjoy knitting socks, too.


tea with lucy said...

These drawers are fabulous, and so handy! I have a bit of a thing for white paint too. Can't wait to ee the "after" shot.


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