Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sorry its been so long

but so much has happened
i felted

flowers for a friends birthday

Lavender & Lime Chiffon Cake
with lime curd...for a very big day
this Sunday

not quite how it looked in the recipe
it will do though
tasted divine

thought i would make less with icing sugar
pays to stick to the recipe

where our beautiful doggies bathe
a few shots of my garden/block

a very successful broccoli crop this year
no white moth
lemongrass....before its haircut
love lemongrass in the garden and how quickly
it bounces back after a trim

learned NOT to recycle office waste in garden

also learned i need to use my space more wisely
sweet pea coming along nicely
loooovve the sweet scent of sweet pea in my home

i am a natural with coriander
it follows me wherever i go
the new local cafe have been trading for free coffee
yum....lucky me

gracefully next to the fencing timber
Irises grown for the first time
from a friend
some of these have grown to over a metre
then along come the cockatoos...grrr

and then.... at the end of a hard days work
she bakes bread...
not sure why my sweet Pierre is with arms folded in the b/ground there
maybe waiting permission....giggle
have had a play with paper too
next post
what fun it is being unemployed (weeeeelllll...away from the home that is)

sweet day my friends and family xxx :)


jaki said...

what a wonderful catch up Deb!!

Tammy James said...

Great to see you blogging sweetie, I love these little photographic glimpses into your life : )

Dru Bias Tattoo said...

glad for the update! hi daddyo!
that bread looks amazing. your first felt flower is better than my 30th.

Amba said...

oops i guess mel was still signed on on my computer.

that was me, amba. xox

Julie said...

those felted flowers look gorgeous. Thanks for popping by my blog. I am glad that your rak arrived.

Ceci said...

Oh yum! I want some of that cake lol. Love all your happy homey photos. xx


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