Saturday, October 10, 2009

Being resourceful

making my own bias

from this beautiful linen
for a fun apron challenge project over here
almost done :)

this little beauty of my three gorgeous huggable adorable
'miss them lots' grandchildren
sebastian, yossarian and juniper
love you babies xxx
oh the brown on sebastian's hand is just in the photo
happy sunday :)x
dont forget my swap


Tammy James said...

the hands are gorgeous Deb! Can't wait o see your apron!

goldenbird said...

That linen is beautiful! Can't wait to see your apron, Debra.

nima said...

wow...the hands....looks fabulous

Beautiful fabric for the apron

Gina said...

the hands are fabulous. What a great keepsake

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kate said...

With bias like that the apron is going to be stunning, can't wait to see. Juniper was one of my favourite names during my last pregnancy, I just love it.


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