Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another finish

Modern Sampler Bee finish photos and an explanation 
why there are two different blocks here.
In eager anticipation i started my blocks with a type of off centre square
which i had been wanting to try for some time
only to discover half way through that i thought this block was a little lame
and that i should do something a little more creative that my recipients would enjoy.
(Lesson learned)
So...i embarked  on the ever famous Granny squares.
This did not go how i wanted it to go either.
You see the grannys, once cut to size can very much distort as they are cut on the bias
I got to about number 8, as Cat was looking for someone to do both groups,
when i decided to rethink the off centre squares, which i might add are not 
really off centre squares at all....but more just a shabby or scrappy block

 (this really was making me feel a little sick by now as i had dreams of making my own 
granny quilt one day)
It wasnt until a couple of days ago and some serious searching i discovered this 
tutorial  over at traceyjay quilts which explains the process of setting the corners.
(for those of you who have not attempted but have thought of sewing a granny quilt)
so....back to the off centre/shabby blocks ....

This second photo of blocks are all in the envelopes to be mailed today.
I am thinking amongst others made they will go nicely.
 I hope all my partners like them and appreciate my anguish.
At first i was concerned as to what i was going to do with all these orphan blocks.
It did not take me long to realise i could easily throw them into a small quilt for a charity.
Our local respite centre has kindly offered to raffle this.

This granny is for another charity 
This lovely granny had to be unpicked as i totally forgot a row before the pink border.
Is my mind really on the job here....or on the job....i think i left my brain at the office 
this past few days. Ever unpicked a row from a granny ....then tried to add another ...its fun
let me tell you!

and simply because i love these beautiful birds
another recent shot o f them snuggling in my rafters on the deck.
They are here most days now. I do hope they have babies again this spring.
They are so trusting with us, and allow us to get very close to them.
Thank you for your patience girls.
I do hope your blocks meet nicely with  your others.
I will post about all of the ones i have received once they are all here.
Thank you for stopping by and have a sew good week...x


Cat said...

oh your blocks are adorable
sorry to read you had such issues with them
I also wonder if mine aren't so adventurous at times

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I think your blocks are great and that sometimes we just put to much stress on ourselves! I can see mine in the pic and I LOVE it. Thank you :o)

Elle and Lou said...

How lucky are you having Tawny Frogmouths nesting in your jealous! The blocks are really lovely and the quilt for charity is equally beautiful -I have to learn how to do this one day. Lynda

lisa said...

thanks for my block debrah i LOVE MINE THANK YOU
your has been posted too

Megan said...

Look at all those lovely blocks. And boy am I jealous over tawny frogmouths nesting at your place!!!!


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