Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rain rain rain

.....please go away
i neeeeeeeeed sunshine
these gorgeous
need sunshine.....

this is an old pic
they are actually looking more mature now
lots of buds
some of which the cockatoos
have removed...sigh
remember the camera issues...another sigh
i have just visited the roses for a lift of the old
...the scent is just soooo...
we have had so much rain this year
and from here on in we head into a wet summer
or so the long range weather is forcast
have you got sunshine at your house
can i come over...
hugs to my gorgeous family and friends x


TammyJ said...

Plenty of Sun here ATM Deb. You are most welcome to drop by.

jaki said...

Oh Deb, I know what you mean...and I know on the Mount you are getting way more than us down in the valley!!

Nice to see you taking some time out for blogging,and obviously surfing the www, you have been finding some lovely things :)


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