Saturday, May 5, 2012


.....content, ready to go again... i think.
Almost at the end of a wonderful 2 week sojourn to the south east corner of Tasmania.
We shared our time between 2 places of the Apple Isle. After a couple of days arriving in the capital, spending a short time exploring and gathering supplies we took off for 5 days to a remote cabin in Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island.
We arrived in extreme weather conditions, even a couple of locals asked us the next day if we were ok... funny, as obviously we were. Also obvious is that we must be used to 'extreme weather conditions' as we were surprised of their concern for us.
Nice all the same. The next few days we spent exploring the north and the south, 65 kls of island peace, quiet, beauty, stunning diverse landscape.
In the wee hours I spent my time knitting (brought not one but two projects with me) crocheting (only brought one of those projects) or hand sewing (also one project). Darling Pierre, cooked mostly all meals while I played 'lady of leisure'. He is a darling.
We walked in the not so wee hours many miles of land and seaside.
Unfortunately as I am a dummy user of this modern device, I have not learned yet how to transfer pics from the camera to here. Boring I know. But I promise you I did get some great pics.
We then transferred to a wonderful location in Cygnet Bay. It was gorgeous here, although personally (and fortunately) we both prefer ocean.
6 days and many miles of the south east corner it is almost time to pack for the trip home.
I have loved the cool change, the seasonal landscapes, colour, the water, so so abundant water....
I will leave with one photo taken with this little gadget. This photo is taken from my bed. No wonder it was so hard to remove myself each day :)
Thank you for popping by x

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Shankevia said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I lived vicariously through that post.


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