Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little glimpse

of things going on around here
never a dull moment
always trying to squeeze so much in
this is a sewing machine cover for my partner over at Modern She Made Swap
i hope she likes it as i certainly enjoyed making it for her

 next is something for me as it seems that everything  i make goes somewhere and i needed a little nurturing too! :)
its the Prism quilt and i am doing this with the qal over here
a quilt along with Anna Maria Horner and Janome
and i am loving the process
let the sewing begin

these photos are not the best, although i wanted to show a little glimpse into the work 
thats beginning to pay off around here.
Its of the no sewing variety, although much sowing has taken place.
Thats a terrible shady patch there. Its only like that for a short minute of the day. I took these photos 
a little too late in the day.
This vegetable garden is easily 15 X 15 metres (i will check on that).
Its surprising how hard it has been to fill with time shared in many different parts of the garden, the  house, work away from home and the rest....(you know what)...we no sooner finish with a season or a product
and there are spaces to renew. I had planned on some things self sowing more. We seem to get lots of Coriander, Dill and Lettuce self sow, but thats it for now.
To the bottom left there we have our Broccoli coming on. The sugar snap peas slightly above that on the trellis are abundant as are the purple runner beans lined up beside them.
Zucchini are a must for this time of much food from them.They are hiding there in the bit of shade.
No worries though as i said before that shade is only a few minutes then gone again.

To the right of this top pick is the  lovely mandarin tree.
Last year she was surrounded with other crops. This year i thought i would give her a little more room 
to spread her wings. This is a typical small variety, not sure of the name but consistently 
sweet and very juicy. What i particularly like about this one is that it is not just sweet and juicy but rich with flavour.
You know how some mandarins just taste like something wet in your mouth, not much more!
anyhow we do need to do some work in there, lemon grass needs mowing. I have too much tumeric and 
Galangal, needs thinning and a wonderful old rosemary which i have recently pruned, but obviously not enough, so this will get a further chop either today or tomorrow


In this photo we are looking west
you can see a little of the paddock next to us where there are 6 horses agisting
although they are all behind me when i took this
I should get a photo of Charlie, she is big, and jumped to come visit with us last week.
What  a shock my daughter got when she arrived home from work to find Charlie almost knocking on our front door.
She is a beautiful girl and was relieved when i found the owner and we returned her to her paddock.

 is such a favourite place of mine
i am not sure if its because it is under the olive tree...
these chairs have lovely padded cushions i bring out and my knitting comes along too
as well as a thermos of my home made chai
which i need to drink less yummy

this i would like  to fact i would like to make several and have them as little safe houses throughout my garden...different colours of course.

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Mami Made It said...

What a lovely place under the olive tree. I would love to drink my chai there too ;)


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