Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beautiful days abound

in these glorious hills this time of year. 
Winter is sneaking in early i am sure and i am loving the change.
The skies are so clean, crisp and could not want for better.
One of my favourite spots to sit on days like today
Under the olive tree.....

 My partner has received my parcel from the Denyse Schmidt so i can show now.
I dont know about you but it always feels good to receive news that my parcels have arrived when mailing overseas. In my attempt to make the most of my time and to learn some new quilting techniques and at the same time meeting others i have joined in a few swaps.....this is a great way with making smaller things to learn i feel. I sent this partner the left over binding hoping she may use it for some other small treasure to accompany her mini and pincushion i mailed her.


 loved making these New York Beauty Blocks


 and this sweet pin cushion as part of the Zakka Sew Along


May seem a little silly to some but i really enjoy making my own binding

I am also making some progress with my Prism cutting.
What i love about this QAL is the 2 weeks in between stages which gives plenty of time for this girl in between work, the paddock and everything else going on around here....a very manageable pace.
If you are interested it is not too late to  hop  on over.
Anna Maria Horner designed this quilt and with Janome  (flickr) and the very helpful 
Bianca over at Sweet Diesel Designs you can pick up all you need to know.
I am loving the process so far and imagining this to be too beautiful to part with!!

Before i leave i want to leave a picture (not very good one) of the view from my bedroom when recently on holiday in Cloudy Bay,  Bruny Island, Tasmania. Such a magic magic spot!
See what others are getting up to today over here.
Thanks for stopping by.
Sweet day x   sadly my knitting has been neglected this week, but its certainly cool enough for it!!


Hootnz said...

That pin cushion is beautiful! I also love homemade binding... I always make more than I need for a quilt and then I have some on hand for the smaller projects :)

Jen said...

I like the material use and the sweet pin cushion is lovely :)

Jen said...

I like the material use and the sweet pin cushion is lovely :)

Wombat's Picnic said...

I have to agree, I love making my own binding. And yours is such a pretty fabric. The pincushion and mini are lovely too:) Cyndy

Seaweed and Raine said...

I've made binding once or twice... it can be fun! :) I'm sure your partner in the swap loved that you sent them some binding to play with! :)

Helen said...

Lovely to meet you Debra and looking forward to having you in the scrappy bee with me!

NTCtag by Ning Tagle Clark said...

Hi Debra! Thank you for stopping by on my blog and leaving your cheerful singing comments! : )

The "stitch swap" on your blog is sounds interesting! I have never tried to do the quilting yet but it is sure that it's one of my list to do in the future!

Thanks again! Ning x : )

Deborah said...

Hi Debra! Im excited to be in the bee with you! Lovely work on your blog! Deborah
Simply Miss Luella

Janine said...

You've made some beautiful things - your partner must be delighted :)


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