Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Its not the weather

no no
i started on this at the beginning of summer last year
thats almost 6 months ago for us in the Southern Hemisphere.
With my left hand in a splint for 2 months allowed me a little and very slow stitching fun
but i certainly was not able to knit
And yes the weather also know has encouraged me to pick this Tealeaves Cardigan up again.
I lashed out and bought the pattern and the beautiful Merino DK in the colour way Fathom....
such a deep deep sea is proving an absolute delight to knit with and a simple pattern.
I must admit though, it is a little more difficult to knit at night...given its dark shade.
I just make sure i am sitting under a brighter light. Seems we have a lot more mood lighting in this house with all the chandeliers...must buy another spotty or two.

I am taking a wee holiday and traveling even further south to the southern most corner of Bruny Island next week. Cloudy Bay offers a humble little cottage with limited modern day resources.....but breathtaking landscape and views.
I will be taking my deeps sea blue Tealeaves with me ...not sure if i will be overcome by the views, but the intention is to knit a good part of this while recreating.
To see more yummy knitting i am sure pop on over here
thanks for popping by and have a beautiful day
it sure is extremely fresh crisp and a soft blue sky here this morning ...xx


Jen said...

have a nice time next week
like the look and colour of the wool

lamina@do a bit said...

LOVE that colour of that yarn... beautiful! Have a great trip :)

Ana BC said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the tip to visit yours. Your blue yarn looks amazing. I will be looking forward to seeing the end result.
A tip when you knit with dark colors: put a white blanket or fabric on your lap, and it will help to see the stitches better.
Have a nice trip...and take pictures!

The Sewing Chick said...

Hi Debra,
Thanks for visiting my blog - I am delighted to have you as a follower! I look forward to seeing your progress with the Prism quilt. Hope you are having a nice holiday!!

Shankevia said...

I stumbled upon you because you stumble upon me and there is nothing not to love about what you do. I look forward from learning from you.


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