Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I started with these

 I have been wanting to give the off centre square quiilt/blocks a go.
Since i recently signed up for the Modern Sampler Bee i thought now was my chance.
Until i made one or two.... i started to think that my choice was a bit lame....
Dont get me wrong....i love the off centre square block and can imagine a quilt done in these.
I was more worried the recipients would not share my enthusiasm.
Hence i decided to choose another block.
Of course i cannot tell you as that would spoil their surprise.
This block i had been wanting to make again...as recently i had made this into an itty bitty for another swap
and thoroughly love them.....i can tell you once done i will be making them again and into a full quilt for me!

So...back to the Modern Sampler Bee

My first block arrived from Leonie
I am not sure if the other girls have received theirs yet...but i am sure its ok to show here
Cute...huh?   thanks Leonie

Now..this next little bunch of yummyness is for my gorgeous little grandson 
about to turn 6....so adorable....him that is...
i was recently sewing something for someone else and he was sitting watching me
when he suddenly asked so so sweetly if i would make a quilt for him
i know he will love Dr. Seuss
as he is such a character himself

 It is his birthday next week and i cannot wait to give this to him

 I thought i would link this up with a couple of sites this week...here and here
I have had a wee break from work...but its back to it today
Thanks for popping by x


tartankiwi said...

Ooh! I recognise those colours... happy dance :-)
Seriously, don't stress too much about your block. Simple or difficult, I'm sure it'll look amazing (and at the end of the day that's what matters isn't it?!?)

Leonie said...

Any block goes! Made with thought and care is all that counts! cant wait to see what you've decided to do :) Glad you like your block and love the quilt for your grandson :) Lucky boy!

Cat said...

My blocks have all been simple straight cut blocks
All made with love
And I do love the square within a square
Can't wait to see what you decided on

Amy said...

Oh I love the Dr Seuss Quilt! Your grandson will love it.
And I agree with the other girls, any block made with thought and love is a great block!

Fay said...

Gorgeous Dr Suess quilt!

Anonymous said...

Lovely work! I'm sure your grandson will be thrilled - how lovely that he appreciated your work and asked you to do it for him.

Jen said...

Im sure your grandson will love his quilt :)

Suz said...

The quilt looks great- lots of fun for a little boy

Sara said...

Like the block you received from Leonie:)

Your grandson will adore that quilt!

Roz said...

This modern sampler bee sounds like fun. Love the binding and hand quilting on your Dr Seuss quilt.

TheAccidentalCrafter said...

Aww...who doesn't love Dr Seuss, your grandson would absolutely adore it.

Coal Valley View said...

Hi Debra, your quilt is looking fabulous. I have zero experience with quilting but would love to try it soon. So are you looking to move to Tassie then or just get a parcel for holidays etc?? Mel

Ginny said...

Wonderful projects! I have awarded you The Liebster blog award. Stop by my blog and check out the post. Happy Quilting and I am amazed at all the work you have completed with your arm in that immobilizer!


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