Thursday, March 15, 2012

New York Beauty

experimenting a 
little...wanting to try a different block / style here and there
thought i would join yet another quilt a long

i joined in with Sarah at Sew Sweetness
this qal is so easy to follow
well so far 
for me that is
but really it is all spelt out
have a look if you feel inspired to try a new technique
i am trying to remember the seam allowance...well of course there is a seam allowance
but i must have been drummed about waste from an early age i think 
because i seem to always be so scant on my seam
i am hoping to' feather two nests' with this one and hoping my partner ....
yet to be chosen in the DSDQS 
will like my chosen fabrics
not to worry though 
as i plan to make all the blocks and will convert them into something useful for my home

these beautiful babies are still visiting us
and very casually sit on our deck rails with all sorts of family busyness ....noises etc galore
i guess its about trust
its beautiful to watch the babies sleep... just like ours....with heads drooped ...almost in a fall off the rail
any minute type so soft, dreamy...and let us get up real close to them.
For more love of crafty hominess pop on over to our creative spaces
have a great week and pop back soon...i think its time for a giveaway x


gardenglut said...

OMG, your baby tawny frog mouths are completely adorable.

Natasha said...

Are those baby owls? Oh they are amazing. Your block looks great. Generally a quarter inch is a quilting seam allowance. Have a good week.


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