Sunday, November 22, 2009

So happy

today is over
what a day
and tomorrow is another day
thought a little today
about this girls
16th birthday
that i am not going to share 'on the day' with her
although she will be with her sister
in Texas
they all grow up
an old pic of us on another of her birthdays a few years ago
she still loves me
and i her
on another note
i started knitting some wee little sweet woolen pants tonight for another
precious little girl
but thats for another post
have a great week
i am in the middle of mine and very grateful for it xx

but before i go....if your pencils live in a very untidy box like mine
you might wanna check this out
pretty cool huh?


Dogwood said...

Don't you just love looking at pictures from the past and seeing how much our little "lovies" have grown. She is a sweetie and now sixteen. Oh my. I looked at the blog with the pencil holders. Funny, I used to make those for my children when they were young to hold their color crayons.

Enjoy every minute of your day.

jaki said...

How exciting for your sweet sixteen to be having a holiday with big sis on her birthday!!

Have a great week Deb. xx

goldenbird said...

Those pencil wraps are awfully cute. Thanks for the tip about the giveaway. Looking forward to reading more about those knit wool pants!

Ceci said...

Oh Deb..hugs hugs that photo. That pencil holder sure is cool. :)xx


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