Sunday, November 15, 2009


minus one crafty teenager

we all spent saturday refurbishing

one scraggly old vege patch
hee hee...
he looks a bit scraggly too
my gorgeous Pierre

a remnant of the old

with additions on the way
with Erums' help
our Korean wwoof
staying with us for a few weeks
Erum has a really lovely presence
hard working too

this very heavily laden passionfruit vine strangling a very nice little mandarin
and tamarillo
the fruit is so close to picking
saved for now

and the semi finished product
all fenced
with gate

i just noticed the sprinkler
in the far right corner
must remember to turn this off before work today

my beautiful bay tree and
one lovely big rosemary bush
so that is some of our work for the weekend
the new garden measures 14m x 5m
if you click on the pics you will see a close up
i love the coriander and the dill is about to spring into a
beautiful head of yellow
all belonging to the umbellifer family
so gorgeous
will post more tomorrow or when i get time to get more pics
happy day
work hard..:)x


Dogwood said...

Love you veggie garden area. You are so lucky to have all that land! Wow, it all looks beautiful.

Looking forward to more pictures of your garden and yard.

Have a nice evening...

Tammy James said...

Great to see some happenings for you Deb! I'm looking forward to seeing more and OHH so envious of that passion fruit bounty! We love them here.

goldenbird said...

Looks like everyone was working hard this weekend and it paid off--the garden looks great. I agree with Dogwood, you're fortunate to have all that land.

Katidids said...

That looks wonderful! A lot of work went in to it I'm sure. I would love a fence around my garden but, its not in the plans for a while yet. In your last garden photo, there is a bush with white flowers...what is that?


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