Friday, November 20, 2009

Another week flies by

and as summer moves on in i find myself dreaming of
the sports i love so much
and need to 'make the time for' more

i do miss my days with my rowing partners
and only ocassionally get to row in a scull these days
but when i do
i love it so much

i do still own this kayak since we moved away from the waters edge
but dont use it all that much
i must confess i do need a bit more 'braun' to help with the
lifting to the car roof

perhaps after making this post one of my fellow water sports lovers may
ring and invite me for a row
it often happens
putting it out there......:)

this gorgeous piece of art from garden mama...just superb little gem is up for grabs...go see
and have a happy energetic weekend
love to you :)x


goldenbird said...

You sure look happy out there on the water! Great pics. I love kayaking, too. Hope someone calls you up and you get back out on the water soon.

Nicole said...

It is lovely to have found your blog,
What a beautiful woman you are, so inspiring to see the connection you have in the outdoors! Many warm wishes!

Tammy James said...

Hi Deb, Look at you loving the water ... gorgeous! Hope you get a row soon!


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