Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My creative space

consists of several little projects
but first...lets get our priorities sorted

this delicious carrot cake
completely wheat and sugar free
super fluffy frosting (and good for you too)
i made for a 'round the table meeting' my boss called
knew i needed something to take the pressure off
seems it went down well
a little quilting prep
cannot wait to get the go ahead with this one

a peek at a block for a swap i am in

another block
which at first i was terribly intimidated by
but had so much fun with and will
certainly be making a small quilt for a small guy soon

and of course some hand quilting waiting by the fire
its lovely and cool here in the hills
oh and guess what
quiet too!!!

just a little glimpse of whats going on
truth be told there are several other
strategically put down
waiting for the next 15 minutes and in that corner of the home
enjoy your day x


Amanda said...

Yumm the cake looks lovely

Linda said...

Looks like you've been busy! The cake looks delicious. How can it possibly be wheat and sugar free!!!

Jill said...

Oh the frosting on that cake looks super delicious!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Jana @ The Summer House said...

Wheat and sugar free? I must have that recipe and it's so lovely too!

TammyJ said...

Nice to get a peek into what you are up to Deb. Our fire is blazing too. x

Karen said...

Cake, I love cake! The quilt square with the ship is so adorable. Looks like a fun project...

wendy hill said...

Yes Debra. The jackets I make are from found vintage blankets. That cake looks amazingly delicious :)

Down that Little Lane said...

oooh that cake looks lovely!! think you might have to post the recipe for us xx


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