Monday, May 9, 2011

Art in the Olives

some poppies hand felted by darling eldest daughter
a late happy mothers day to you
we went to
in the foothills of the Lost World Valley is a sweet little olive grove

with the most gorgeous meandering rock hopping creek rippling through



wonderful music apparatus to delight the young...old...enthusiast

twas the setting for this years event
not a lot of food stalls
fortunately we made our own Mothers Day Picnic
i hope you had a lovely day too x


Linda said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you!

Ceci said...

Looks like you had a glorious day Deb. We had a lovely day too, went to Manly beach for lunch. I love the flowers your daughter made. :)

Anonymous said...

Debra those poppies that your daughter made are beautiful,what a clever girl


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