Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another finish

But firstly please excuse the mess while i try to restyle my blog!!! (any tips?)

 This quilt i absolutely fell in love with.
 A collaboration of the girls in my group over at Cherish @ do. Good Stitches.
It came together so simply and beautifully....imo
I really enjoyed the whole process of contributing and finishing this quilt.
I guess more so as i have a love of boats lighthouses and bridges, although there are no bridges in this one.
(i had thought that might be a future quilt)

I free hand drew some wild tall waves and loose softer waves and hand quilted these.
I think if you click  on the picture you will see this in  more detail.
I also stitched in the ditch on all four sides of each block for more stability.
It is the first time i have used my walking foot and i can tell you it will not be the last.
Man, where have i been.

one member of the group made an extra block which i had intended to piece into the back but somehow went into auto pilot and forgot...hence this became a little solo one and the receptionist at 
will put to great use i am sure.
This quilt spent a day on the line in the sun as you can see from the pics and felt and smelt divine.
I imagine a small child feeling very loved wrapped in the love which went into the making of this very special quilt.
I chose Paradise kids as it is local to me and the quilt was made with children in mind.
Paradise Kids is on the east coast of Queensland, Australia and situated not far from the actual beach and marinas hence i decided on a seaside theme.
Thank you to all the girls in my group for this opportunity to make and give. x

I wonder what some others are up to of late.
Thank you for stopping by x


Ginx Craft said...

The ships and the lighthouses are such an interesting idea. I haven't seen a quilt like it before.

Maxabella said...

I also love the nautical quilt - such a unique and clever theme. x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt!


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