Thursday, January 27, 2011

I know the yuletide season is over

out of respect to my swap partner Kristin
i wanted to showcase her beautiful tree
made purely from recycled sweaters or other woolen garments
this tree graciously sat
on our kitchen servery amongst
other loved pieces
photos and all

i know its boring to hear the 'time eludes' story all the time
the truth is
the time i do have/make
mostly goes into the creating
and not the uploading and blogging about
and although i did initially begin this blog to stay in touch
with my gorgeous sweet girl living abroad
is better know where

in the making
not the dreaming of...
these baskets/vessels i have made for another online
in the UK....
i dont think she has received them yet
i hope she likes them
i know she will be surprised as its a while since we connected
this makes me smile
sweet day xx


kristin said...

Thanks for posting the picture. It put a smile on my face. I have since made wool roving angels like yours as gifts.

Stray Stitches said...

What a cute tree. And I love the baskets you made!

TammyJ said...

Lovely work on both Counts Deb, I think your friend will be delighted.

Ceci said...

Gorgeous tree, and I am sure you don't still have the xmas lights up like my neighbour. ;) Deb that's the main thing...the doing, the creating...blogging can take quite a chunk out of a day and sometimes I wonder why I do it, but I guess it's a little connection with the world I have, and also I can look back to check when things happened, as long as my blog doesn't disappear by accident lol, which I have heard can happen. (yikes) xx


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